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Case Study

How Toyota Connected Built Stability into Its Drivelink Telematics Services Platform

Redundancy is perhaps technology’s greatest friend.

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Case Study

Toyota Connected’s Drivelink: The Inner Workings of a Telematics Platform

In the summer of 2019, Toyota Connected launched Drivelink to maintain the customer-to-automaker services such as Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Assistance (via a vehicle’s “SOS” button), Stolen Vehicle Locator, Roadside Assistance, and Hands-Free Destination Assist, among other features.

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Case Study

Living on the Edge, Dreaming on a Cloud, and the Big Idea of Big Data: How Toyota Connected is using Data to Make Smarter Cars

In many cases, Toyota Connected is Toyota’s first stop for anonymized macro trends – Big Data – before those trends can be turned into technology. It’s no secret that data informs how cars operate and will more so in the future as they become more and more automated. For instance, a vehicle with a navigation system can see when a road turns using cellular and GPS signals.

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Power of Patents: Toyota Connected’s Culture of Creating Meaningful Change

Cars are connected with sensors that better help engineers determine what customers actually use. They’re electrified. The driver-assist functions can tackle some functions of highway driving with less cognitive load on the driver. It’s all fundamentally changing how we use cars.

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An Idea Comes to Life

Case Study

Removing Rain from Images with Densely-Connected Convolutional Networks

We developed and trained a neural network that can remove rain from given images such that the performance of downstream models is improved.

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Case Study

Simulating Spot Instance Termination to Test AWS Node Termination Handler

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Case Study

Productionizing Machine Learning Pipelines

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Case Study

OBHIVE: Deep Dive into our On-Demand Ride-Sharing Algorithm

We developed an algorithm, OBHIVE, to address the ride-sharing vacuum in Japan to aid an aging suburban population in navigating the city.

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Case Study

Virtual Assistant Manual

Five hundred pages of an owners manual is a lot to sort through when you need information. We decided to see if we could come up an innovative voice interface that would allow users to ask questions using natural language to quickly offer up answers.

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